About GunTube

Founded in September of 2017, by YouTube users, GunTube is a consumer media company for people to watch and share original firearm videos worldwide through a Web experience. Prior to GunTube, there was only YouTube and while YouTube works quite well, sadly it is not managed by impartial/neutral individuals. While GunTube is focused on hosting firearm related content, GunTube does not restrict other content as long as it's not of a violent or terroristic nature. GunTube is for those that want the Freedom to share their content on the Internet without intervention from individuals with a jaded agenda.

GunTube has given people the ability to easily, upload, and share video clips through GunTube.org, across the Internet, and through email as well as to create their own personal video network. GunTube is set to become the Internet's next premier video service.

What is GunTube?

GunTube is the way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. With GunTube you can:

GunTube is completely free for users and members to use, but paid and subscription options are available. GunTube is a young, dynamic, evolving company constantly striving to provide our users with the absolute best online video service imaginable. We always encourage our users to contact us with their thoughts, suggestions, feedback or otherwise random ramblings. Make sure to check out our Blog to keep up to date on all the latest GunTube developments.