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I try to live life to the fullest. I'm married and father with three great kids. I am a high functioning quadriplegic, my right hand is 50% strength and left hand 80% strength. I have no stomach muscles and do not sweat. Over the last 20 years I learned to shoot strong left hand and strong right hand. 

My background: 
I have traveled to 40 countries in a wheelchair. I joined the Army right after high School. I won three national M60 team awards, My MOS was 11B and 11B2 (Dragon gunner) Fort Ord, CA. I'm an Eagle Scout. I have a BS from UGA. I started two technology companies and sold them. I now work in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

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My Video Reviews and interest:
Wheelchair exercise
Wheelchair EDC
Shooting/training in a wheelchair
4WD Wheelchair
Military/Diver/Aviator Watches
Holster Mounts for Wheelchair
Body Armor 
HiFi Gear 
CZ Style Pistols