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I just ramble a lot here... so, if you like rambling, this is the channel to go to!

You can download my videos here.
Please download them, spread them, mirror them on your own channels (post them on your own channels... especially Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution), and save them to optical discs (preferably M discs as they last longer).

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My mewe is "laughing man"

My account is @eoreor

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Anyone who doesn't own a rifle that can hold at least a 20 round mag, and at least three 20 round mags, should not be allowed to vote. That needs to be an un-repealable part of the new Constitution. That would have saved us all from the anti gun mess.
(Disclosure... I am only not a hypocrite on this matter due to the fact that I don't vote because all the elections are rigged... yes, I know that is lame, but I am broke)