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Podavach is a World's First Multi-Caliber Magazine Speed Loader.

New product - U-LOADER by Podavach.

It allows you to load your AR-15 & AK magazine in just 15 seconds.

Supported Platforms: AR-15, AK, Ruger Mini, MSR-15.
Supported calibers: 5.56, .223, 300 BLK, 7.62, 5.45, .224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .204, 25-45 Sharps.

Made of Baltic Birch Plywood with special finishing applied which makes it totally waterproof and durable.

Podavach's main competitive advantage is that it can load several types of magazines, not just one as many other loaders do

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