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•si pacem vis para bellum

•Dad, husband, chef & gun guy!

•Subscribe and check out my videos, you might catch anything from hamburgers to handguns! Please leave feedback  and suggestions in the comment section and share, share, share the videos. 

•Currently I’m doing live shows on Sunday nights 10:30EST. Much of the show is current events and food & firearm Q&A. 

•I’m also a member of, an awesome pro second amendment website and my vids can  be found on and 

If you like my channel and want to help support it, please go to and look me up! I appreciate every single one of my supporters!

As a chef and gun nut I’ve found youtube to be an insanely fun outlet for my likes and hobbies, so enjoy the videos, turn on notifications so you know when I’m doing livestreams and check out the channels I subscribe to, there’s a lotta great creators with a ton of knowledge and amazing channels out there!