Quist Q64 M42 DN541 WWII German helmet

Quist Q64 M42 DN541 WWII German helmet

Cav Trooper 19D

5 months
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The "Infamous" F.W. Quist M42! Q64 DN541. One of the rarest helmets to find, found its way from Czech Republic to Pittsburgh, PA! Made in small numbers in one helmet size towards the end of the war. This helmet belonged to Czech Civil Defense force. Theres actually no such thing as M40’s and M42’s. German High Command never released a new helmet stating M40 or M42. These were changes made to the M35 due to war time needs. After the war the German Military most likely would’ve had every intention of reinstating the original configuration of the M35 as standard military issue. This we can only speculate. Nonetheless, in no order is it ever stated M40 or M42, just variants of the M35.

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*also pictured in video Quist Q66 S3428, the last single decal batch of Quist. I messed up the batch number in the video...i know, lol! Im fixing my mistake with an acknowledgement of messing up and giving the correct fact. Thanks guys! Scouts Out!
**fewer impurities in their steel batches than other German helmet companies. Quist made their helmets in the M35 fashion w slow press forming instead of rapid hot stamping which was done in 4 quick steps unlike Quist slower 6 step process.
***The Quist M42 was produced between mid-1944 to the end of the war in Europe...late spring 1945. Also the reason why so few were produced. Those few in that run (Q64 M42) had to also survive the war and annals of history until present day. The odds were very much against Q64 M42’s surviving. Its a miracle we have any actual examples in my opinion.

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