Things to consider with AKM type ii bayonets

Things to consider with AKM type ii bayonets

Cav Trooper 19D

4 months
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-Information for new collectors, enthusiasts, and ones considering buying type ii bayonets. Even seasoned collectors may benefit from info.
One of my favorite bayonets of the contemporary world! The infamous bakelite bayonets or in Soviet military designation for bakelite...AG-S4. Which is a reinforced polymer not bakelite, but the name “bakelite” has stuck over the years.
-My friend Ksenia, owns a Soviet military surplus store. They operate out of ebay to get their reach out to you in the world. If you are in need of accoutrements that are missing from your bayonets or other authentic Soviet mil-surp items, check out her store! Her and her husband are based out of Ukraine and are incredible people that you can trust!
-Soviet Boots, is another store that is owned by a good friend, Jura, and spectacular person also out of Ukraine. If you are looking for Soviet military boots or even German boots...some WWII some East/West German check out his shop! Also has very good head gear from expensive authentic Soviet to more affordable. Just some highlights! Go check them out! They also operate an Ebay store as well.
I have friends with shops all over the world! I will provide info on all shops that deal with content i involve. I get nothing back, but i like to refer others to quality items. I do not keep friends that are not quality themselves ;-)

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—•Please treat these incredible people with respect, you will enjoy their shop and hospitality!

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* ksenishulg - ebay store -

* Soviet Boots -
bigvintagestore - ebay store -


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