Gun Websites Road Trips - Six Years Of Tours 2012 - 2018

Gun Websites Road Trips - Six Years Of Tours 2012 - 2018

Gun Websites

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Six Years Of Gun Shop Tours 2012 - 2018

2018 Tours
California, Tulsa & Texas
4,500 Miles
5 States
15 Days on the road
9 Gun Shops
5 Shooting Ranges
5 Firearms Museums
World’s Largest Gun Show

2017 Tours
11,000+ miles
SHOT Show 2017
19 States
45+ Days on the road
61+ Gun Shops
10 Firearms Museums
6 Gun Shows (in 6 states)
9,000+ miles
640 gallons of gas
Arizona Gun Shops
Red Dawn FIlming Locations
Bannerman Castle & Old West Guns Cards Tour
SAR Show 2017

2016 Tours
6,000+ miles
Arizona Tour (2,350 miles)
California Tour (1,500 miles)
Nevada Tour (825 miles)
New Mexico Tour (1.600 miles)
Oklahoma Tour

Armed Across America Tour
16 States
21 Days
40+ Destinations
6,000+ miles


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