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About Us

About Us

About GunTube

Founded in September of 2017, by YouTube users, GunTube is a consumer media company for people to watch and share original firearm videos worldwide through a Web experience. Prior to GunTube, there was only YouTube and while YouTube works quite well, sadly it is not managed by impartial/neutral individuals. While GunTube is focused on hosting firearm related content, GunTube does not restrict other content as long as it's not of a violent or terroristic nature. GunTube is for those that want the Freedom to share their content on the Internet without intervention from individuals with a jaded agenda.

What is GunTube?

    GunTube is the way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. With GunTube you can:

  • Upload, and share your videos worldwide
  • Browse thousands of original videos uploaded by other users
  • Find, join and create video groups to connect with people with similar interests
  • Customize your experience with playlists and subscriptions
  • Integrate GunTube with your website using video embeds or APIs
  • Live Stream your Events, Podcasts, Thoughts with the world

GunTube is completely free for users and members to use, but paid and subscription options are available. GunTube is a young, dynamic, evolving company constantly striving to provide our users with the absolute best online video service imaginable. We always encourage our users to contact us with their thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc.