Chamber Upload Stream

Live Stream Requirements

  • Download and install OBS Studio from
  • Open OBS and go to Settings > Output > Output Mode and select Advanced, then change below where it says "Keyframe Interval" and enter 1 in the input box, then click OK. This step must be done one time only and the setting will be remembered afterwards.

OBS Preparation

Starting a Live Stream

  • Go to Media Library (Uploads).
  • From the icon toolbar located on the left side, click on "Streams".
  • From the icon toolbar located on the right side, click on "Add New Stream".
  • You will be prompted with a popup where you can set the title, description, tags and select the category of the live stream.
  • After submitting, you will see the "Stream Setup" page.
  • The "Stream Server" and "Stream Name/Key" will need to be added in OBS.
  • Open OBS and go to Settings > Stream.
  • At "Service", select "Custom...".
  • At "Server" copy/paste the "Stream Server" from the site.
  • At "Stream key" copy/paste the "Stream Name/Key" from the site.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Start Streaming.
  • If you see the green square, then your stream is live.
  • Your live stream will be listed in the Browse Streams section and on the homepage.
  • To stop streaming, open OBS and click the Stop Streaming button.
  • After the live stream ends, a VOD will be saved and listed in the Browse Stream section, in the Recent tab.