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Ruger Old Army Meet and Greet with TheTNPicker .45cal Black Powder Revolver Built 1998

Published on Sep 2, 2021
This Ruger Old Army is a beautiful example of Ruger's factory manufacturing and a testament to the great work their employees are capable of . In this Meet and Greet we'll take a minute to get to know this particular revolver, get her weight in lbs and oz, and take a close listen to the music of her action as the hammer is pulled back. Try to turn up the volume and listen in a quiet environment towards the end ?

TheTNPIcker's Meet and Greet Firearm Reviews are recorded live and unrehearsed, with a camera in one hand and the featured item in the other! Each video will feature a different model firearm, or accessory and try to demonstrate them as best as possible. Please forgive any mistakes and always feel free to contact me with questions or corrections. This video is for educational information and historical research on Ruger's Old Army Black Powder Revolver. The example in this video was built in 1998 an reflects the craftsmanship of Ruger's factory. This video is not intended to teach safety.


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