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M-13 Industries - custom gunsmith shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Published on Sep 26, 2022
We chat AK47s, Building & Maintaining Kalashnikovs and the last few years of Kalashnikovs n Las Vegas

M13 specializes in building Kalashnikov pattern rifles & more
We chat LIVE
your Kalash specialist

M-13 Industries - custom gunsmith shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada

2012 started up
SOT 02 – build AKs
Kalashnikov Pattern & Commblock firearms

- had been doing Racing Transmissions

Mostly Military Firearms
Near the strip since 1999

Got the start in 1990s Army
- reputation of a poorly made inaccurate guns
- bought a Chinese MAK90 w/ amp for $179 (very well made) Flat Back
- That one started ‘playing with the AK world’
- Started to build them
(Headspace is the hardest part)
- Was in deep, started really buying kits
- took some time off,
- 2010 started looking in to being an FFL

- Polish kits have ground the Country off of them

How big is the collectors sphere of Kalashnikov to M-13 ?
- used to be very involved with the big collectors

The importers explore the warehouses, negotiate prices and chop them up and put them into bags

Are there more Shooters or Collectors
- more shooters now for sure
- trick mods

PKM M-84 Yugo PRKs

Those first kits = G kits?
Backward engineered
Less heat than a machine gun

a Rental place in Vegas in one gun in one weekend = 20,000 rounds
- it is ALL full auto
- and it is all fast
- every single part has broken
- Vegas does run them to death
- Round Count can be (they run dry, and that don’t help)
- 3 month life span
- Bins in the shop of re-usable parts

Red Oktober
- Yugo built to keep a round count on
- almost all mag dumps
- 30,000 rounds before barrel died (Com Block barrels will usually last 70,000)
- US barrel = 60,000
- 5 years
- & Kalash Bash

Do 1.5 mm Receivers last longer?
- not really

How many Parts Kits have you seen?
- is there any consistency
- a lot of Romanians
- North Korean, Chinese, Poland, Hungry, etc
- Like to work on a Kyber gun

How good were the G Kits?
- they were the best kits
- Best shape
- not machine guns
- Many modern kits are eaten by corrosive ammo

going through parts kits is part of the process
- 10 years ago you would / could refuse kits
- now there is just ‘what you get’

Why AK?
​What is his favorite non AK action / type
How many rounds until the barrel is toast and does it vary w AK types
What’s the most likely part to break? Is that just due to the increased volume of his range guns?

What country built the best AK’s traditionally. Is there one build that stands up better than others?
- Russians were the best
- Then the Polish
- Chinese Guns (Soft Barrels) but well made

Why the AK47?
- it was so robust
- in the Army the M16 needed to be clean
- 7.62 was a popular round
- purpose built gun
- so basic & simple

What is his favorite non AK Action / Type
- Galil
- PPSH- 4

Kash EDC​
M13 used Romanian AIMS-74 parts kits in the past for a ak pistol build I believe. Any more rare ak variant’s coming being built traditionally?

- probably not
- the SAR owners wanting to complete their guns

47 or 74? which do you prefer
- AK47 all day
- 7.62x39 ammo is better

thoughts on 922r compliance / import bans?
- Not going to solve the problems they want to solve
- was it a money grab?
- banning the barrel (only ones on a machine gun)
- “Deadly bullets” - aren’t
- the route to go is ‘teaching people” not banning gunsmith
- knowledge keeps kids & non-gun owners what to do around guns
- US Trigger groups are nicer
- change the barrel

- Hammer forged (old style) the best

they do Inspect 922R
- they didn’t know but knew to ask

M-13 Industries Website

M-13 Industries on You Tube

M-13 Industries on Instagram


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