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Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

Published on Jan 5, 2020
The most important part of this video shows that the closet video was indeed recorded approximately 5 hours before the shooting started. See the approximately 1:54 mark. (PLEASE RECORD/SCREEN CAPTURE THIS VIDEO AND SHARE IT!!!)
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My MeWe account "laughing man" or "laughingman" or "eor"... I cannot recall the name of my MeWe account, but anyway, it's there too. Of course, I cannot just link to my MeWe because MeWe is run by assholes.

Also, consider that David Hogg's dad is an FBI agent and that the FBI fakes personas and I.D.'s all the time in under cover ops. Although, those mugshots could still be red herrings.

UPDATE!!! I just thought of something. If we gave all the kids in schools paint ball markers with salt balls (which would be paint ball shells full of salt and silicon dioxide), then these shootings could likely be very effectively neutralized without using actual fire arms. And there would be an advantage that the negative effects of friendly fire risk would be very limited. The salt in the balls would cause the shooter's weapon to jam, on top of hurting like crap upon impact and along with severely effecting the shooters eyes and air passages. This should be very effective. Please write your representatives and push this idea.

I made this after noticing that the coverage of this event has tended to be poor whether the "alternative" or the mainstream media covered it. It seemed like the only alternative sources to cover it were crackpot garbage like Alex Jones. I have to wonder why Corbett Report wouldn't cover it. And of course, the wonderful corporate owned mainstream sure isn't going to cover any of this honestly.
PLEASE SHARE THIS!!! This has full sized images of the David Hogg mugshots and proof of the closet video being done at 9:32am, 5 hours before the shooting proving that there was foreknowledge about this event, BTW. And more to boot.


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