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1860 C. Sharps 4-shot Pepperbox - Cool Old West Gun

Published on Jul 27, 2020
We take a look at another interesting antique derringer. A 1860 Sharps 4 shot Pepperbox. These four barrel derringers are old and fragile, so we can't shoot this Sharps Pepperbox

Some people do shot their old west guns like this .32 rimfire 4-barrel derringer, but usually with modern, 'reduced loads' so there is little danger in hurting the old gun

This is a good condition silver plated derringer with four 3" barrels and a birds-head grip. Often these are found in much worse condition and cost a bit less. Occasionally though, you will find a brand new four barrel derringer from the old west that still looks brand new.

This Sharps 4-shot Pepperbox shoots .32 long rim-fire which is an old caliber that is not produced anymore. Some reloaders will make small batches of this .32 long ammo for collectors who want to shoot their four barrel derringers


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