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Every 2nd Matters - September 2022

Published on Sep 6, 2022
Join in a LIVE conversation about what our Second Amendment protects

Every 2nd Matters

Promoting 2nd Amendment Awareness

Edgar Antillon
Guns For Everyone was established in 2010

Guns For Everyone National

GFE Gazette
Makers Match (3D printing competition)

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GunTuber Academy


Gun Websites Blog - All things gun

- Communicate Network with gun owners, sportsmen & Pro-2A Activists
- Engage Follow, Share & Interact with Gun-Owners Rights Groups
- Act Learn & Prepare for the next challenge to our 2A Rights

We are a group of like minded firearm owners who want to keep the conversation about the 2nd Amendment and our Right to Own Firearms alive

We meet up online once a month (or so) and talk about the Second Amendment issues. what we did, what we could do, and learn from each other new ways to keep the conversation about guns alive

#1 - How do we (2A) navigate the election cycle differently in 2022 / 2024 ?

Edgar – Choosing leaders that are non-2A

Me – Gun People vs 2A People

Clover – The old Media is drowning and flailing to keep relevant
-“Legacy Media”
- CNN is flipping now
- Working with kids, makes it apparent they are making their own choices
- politicians play the ‘parent role’
- Kids understand the BS right away

EyeOnTheTargetRadio - ​i think the growth of women shooting groups, and the growth of CCW in all states will work toward more relaxed gun laws. They are now saying - Hey, that is my gun you are talking about.

How will the kids react?
Will they just break the law? Or Run for office and change things?
Clover – Depends on where, need to get the establishment out

Edgar – the kids are willing to push the envelope for a reason, to make a statement
- the youth are using the ‘cancel culture’ against the anti’s

My theory of Hacking 2A?
Will it happen sooner or later?

Edgar – How do we keep the new waves fresh

Clover – Already happening, and its organic
- we should let it happen organically

My point = Our military learned what created PTS & have changed the methods, we can d the same

#2 What Skill Sets do 2A Advocates need in 2022 ?
Edgar – Willingness to put in the work
- Understanding it is an amount of effort

Clover – Agree with Work Ethic Edgar mentioned
- Understanding the positions of the other side is vital
- Creating & connecting needs with solutions in our gn community
- Using technology to increase your voice

EyeOnTheTargetRadio - ​Skill sets needed - communication skills that include speaking to others in a manner where you bring them along, get them up to speed so they can be an asset also. many 2A folks talk down to others - I have had multiple times where folks have blown by me in a conversation because they did not think I 'got it' or could keep up with the technical aspects. If they do it to me - who else are they doing it to?

Edgar – We follow the mainstream trends, what suffers is the growth in the community
- at the mercy of the news cycle

I’ll add – learn to use the Social Platforms as Tools & Use them
- Anyone from a oppressed society is one of best allies for 2A, rights & participation
- Edgars point is what I call “programming”, Gun Community give us all a place to learn about each other & who each other are & what we value

#3 What Resources do 2A Advocates need in 2022 ?

Clover – Money / Time – Not a Bloomberg but a crowd

Edgar – Funding

My point = Alt Funding Strategies
- 2A Financing Funds
- Harvest the bit-coin profits

- We talked briefly about James Yeager R.I.P.

#4 Best 2A Accomplishment of 2022 (so far) ?

Edgar – Bruin (New York State Rifle & Pistol Assoc)

​#5 Worst 2A Loss of 2022 (so far) ?

Edgar – the amount of power ATF is flexing without response
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