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Compromise & Our 2nd Amendment Cake, our Second Amendment and Calls to Compromise our 2A Rights

Published on Jul 1, 2020
Firearm Ownership is crucial to a free and independant country

In this video we compare the "Call to Compromise our 2nd Amendment Rights" in hopes of less crime or accidents to a delicious cake.

We compare the second amendment rights protected by the constitution, to a cake that started out as yours, but was slowly eaten by another person who wants it ALL

Calls to Compromise our 2nd Amendment protected Rights are not reasonable and are short sighted

Lets talk about compromise and What is the 2nd Amendment
and one of the best ways I've heard this described is as a Second Amendment Cake

Our Forefathers recognizing our natural born right to arms ensured that right with a thing called the 2nd Amendment

A tasty cake with liberty icing and layers of individual freedom inside and everything was good for almost 160 years until the first call for "compromise" was brought forward, and we DID compromise, we gave away half of that original cake in the 1934 NFA (National Firearms Act)

What is the Second Amendment? Is it cake? no, but we want cake & guns


Common Sense Gun Control is part of an agenda
Gun Show Loophole does not exist, its code for "any gun owner who sells a gun"
Gun Grabbers want all our rights, starting with gun rights


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