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2A Motivation Monday w/ Guests

Published on Sep 6, 2022
Tonight we invite a few guests to join us for a conversation about 2A Activism

Daily Gun Show 1,376

mostly retired Civil Rights Advocate

The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to protecting kids.
ZERO Firearm Accidents is the only acceptable goal!

Dig WE Must and DIG I WILL . . .

- Who would you ‘team up’ in 2A in 2022 ?
- Becoming an activist

Project Child Safe vs KIDS Safe
- Bloomberg Taking materials & Info from NSSF

Who would you like to see as a 2A Team Up?
- NSSF & KIDS Safe
- DC Project & AIMing for the Truth
= to raise awareness of the new gun owners

DC Project is now down to the county & precinct

The Challenge of “Working Together”

Derek joined in

Where is the disconnect with “Eddie the Eagle” type training in the minds of the ‘anti-types’ ?
- I asked this one ‘for real’ at the end

You Tubers will have kids & those kids might create gun channels

“Every generation is an iteration of the Education level”

Eddie Eagle was for 1990s

Gun Training was reduced incredibly by or community

- Awareness training
- Change the culture (keep up with the times)

People want to take away what they fear to ‘keep us safe”

California laws are crating a situation where parents are not talking about their guns with their own children

D.J. – who would you team up?
- Diana Muller, Maj Toure, Chris Cheng, Mas Ayoob
- Team 2 Celebrities: Sam Jackson, & more

International Support

D - “How do we normalize guns again?”
- D.J. we double down on the good messages
- “Naw, lets realize who has marginalized us and get ‘quieter’ and more direct

Advocate vs Activist ?

Shooting with folks who are differently abled

Modern safety equipment vs olden days “eyes & ears”
Guns as Therapy
Marksmanship as Healing

Shakey Dave – Parkinson Shooter – Shooting as therapy

Battle Buddy 3-Gun

- Guns are like knitting, for clearing ones mind from distraction

Is there a path to re-normalize basic firearm awareness/education in school?

Shan Shan from Mansanto & Round Up = interesting aspect

Google Alerts: set them up
Derek mentioned their “Gun Safety” ‘keywords’ are hitting the trends

ERPOS are not JUST anti-gun, they are anti 5th, 14th also & important to know that

Is there a path to re-normalize basic firearm awareness/education in school?
- get involved with school districts?
- even if you don’t have kids in school
- know what they are teaching the kids (are the reading cursive , so the can read the constitution themselves)
- Write a bill, learn & expose their positions, grow & retry
- learn & use tech to be more effective

Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation
Creating Kids Firearm safety and accident prevention Information

Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing

Next Round Table Chat:

Cyber Security & Privacy
Oct 10th
with S.A.Hinchcliffe, Derek from KIDS Save Lives


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