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MANTIS LASER ACADEMY // Save your ammo with dry fire training!

Published on Mar 14, 2021
Is ammo too expensive or hard to find? The Mantis Laser Academy just might be able to spice up dry fire training!

Ammo is getting crazy-expensive and that is if you can even find it. I am a big advocate of dry fire training but let's face it, dry fire training can be boring. Mantis sent me the Standard Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit to play with. In this video, I show you what comes with the regular kit and how to get started.

I can tell you that I am having fun with the Mantis Laser Academy!

#dryfire #mantis #laseracademy #theroguebanshee

Video Index:
Intro - 0:00
What comes with the Mantis Laser Academy - 0:08
The Mantis Laser Academy in action - 2:21
Mantis Laser Academy Targets - 5:09
Mantis Laser Academy App - 6:38

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