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Tony Simon's Made in USA Bag at SHOT Show 2022

Published on Apr 1, 2022
Tony Simon's Made in USA Bag at SHOT Show 2022

Tony Simon, founder, is a USMC veteran, firearms trainer and co-founder of the Minuteman Challenge competition. He also hosts the 2A4Epodcast. is dedicated to getting people of all races, religion, and sexual preference involved in the 2nd Amendment political movement.

The 2nd is For Everyone (2A4E) podcast By Tony Simon We welcome all people regardless race, gender, political party, sexual orientation or background to learn about your 2nd Amendment civil rights and many facets of firearms ownership.

Tactical Tailor is a Veteran run, American company. We hand craft the highest quality Nylon, polymer, and Aluminum products on the market today. We have been in business since the late 90's making custom packs for our nation's soldiers, and our city's finest.

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