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Pass The Mag The Continuation - Who's Next? #PassTheMag

Published on May 25, 2020
Pass The Mag The Continuation - Who's Next? #PassTheMag

What happens when you get a few content creators together? A collaboration video for your enjoyment.

A special thanks to @MrBigKid for organizing, editing, and making this happen!

I hope everyone is staying safe while remembering our fallen on this Memorial Day.

This video was inspired and driven by the CMMG video “Pass The Mag”, a group of Social Media gun channels that have come together to bring you a continuation of the #PassTheMag series and challenge!

We encourage you all to #PassTheMag!

Thanks to all of the 2A channels that participated in this incredible collaboration, and to @CMMG for their incredible video and inspiration for our continuation!


Here are the 2A channels that are in the video. I recommend that you check out their channels too!

Armed and Feminine
@Armed and Feminine

Ghost Tactical
@Ghost Tactical



Gear Know-How
@Gear Know-How

Fit’n Fire
@Fit'n Fire

That Guys Wife Media

Rick Nethery’s Firearm Channel
@Rick Nethery's Firearm Channel

Mining Ridge Armory

Nighthawk Medic

Gorillas & Guns

Christian Grest

Sandhills Shooter
@Sandhills Shooter

Budget Guns and Gear Reviews
@Budget Guns and Gear Reviews

The Preppers Bunker Outdoors


Redneck In A Hat

Milsurp Mike Channel
@Milsurp Mike Channel

The Hungry Handgunner
@The Hungry Handgunner


Target One TV

The Rogue Banshee
@The Rogue Banshee

Shooting Gallery NE

Jim Burgess

Thank you all for watching!


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