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Colt Match Target (Sear Block Lower) Gas Port Inspection/Troubleshooting 1-3-2021

Published on Jan 3, 2021
Rifle will every so often fail to feed. Probably once or twice about every 60 rounds. I purchased the rifle new back in the early 90's and it has always done this. Rounds chamber smoothly and the rifle has never failed to extract or eject. Ejection pattern is good but I still feel it may be gas related. I was hoping the Teslong bore scope would see well enough up into the sight/gas block but I could just barely make out the gas tube. The bore scope picture quality is fantastic but looses some definition in this video because I used my GoPro to record off the monitor screen instead of loading a recorded video directly off the Teslong monitor. I will most likely pull the front sight block off for a better look. I have tried 3 different BCG's, multiple types of ammunition mostly 5.56 mm, different types of magazines and a few parts on the rifle have been replaced with the buffer spring being one of them. I may also buy a few precision gauges and get more serious with the chamber inspection even though it seems to eject just fine. I will make this rifle as much as possible 100% reliable!


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