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Game 2A - Mansplaining 2A '@Guns N BBQ' Thanksgiving Chat

Published on Apr 1, 2022
Game 2A
Mansplaining 2A

From the @Guns N BBQ Thanksgiving Chat
Almost Nightly Firearms Expo 078
Streamed live on Nov 25, 2021

• Organize at a national level
• Have periodic community ‘get together’ focused on progress / ad focus to existing events
• Study, Sort & Archive Media stories, lies & manipulations
• Mobilize our Gun Shops & Gun Shows for community events
• Activate sport (game) shooters & hunters to be aware & advocates
• Get collectors in the game & share the stories & information in their collections
• Game 2A
• Crowd fund & crowd-effort the ‘work’ make freedom inevitable
• Make 2A like Bit-Coin mining (get multiple folks involved)
• Have a 2A digital economy
• Activate truckers, through legal issues they face, material distribution, harness their ’down time’ & interests
• Address Suicide


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