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CZ2075 Rami Steel Sub Compact

Published on May 22, 2020
Over a decade ago, Czech engineers Radek Hauerland and Milan Trkulja combined their talents to create the CZ 2075 RAMI. Anyone using a CZ Compact pistol will find the controls and action of the RAMI familiar. The pistol is a de-cocker in the BD version but there is a safety version too. The sights are combat sights: high visibility and with three dot inserts. The front sight is dovetailed in place, and the rear sight can be drift adjusted. Like all CZs, the Rami slide rides inside the frame, rather than outside. This results in a low-bore axis compared to other hammer-fired pistols. This also means that sometimes, the user will find purchase difficult when racking the slide.

The RAMI helps alleviate this with deep cocking serrations. The frame front and back straps are textured with vertical cuts for proper adhesion. The pistol is supplied with a flush-fit 10-round magazine and an extended, 14-round magazine. The extended magazine supplied is a CZ Compact with a sleeve, so I only use the bigger magazine because grip is considerably better.

I prefer a compact-sized handgun and find the CZ 75 Compact Shadow Line-sized handgun nearly ideal. It has excellent control, accuracy and reliability. The RAMI is considerably smaller with the 10 round magazine, but being a bit skeptical at first, I found the RAMI with the 14 round magazine to be about the same size as a CZ 75 Compact.


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