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My medic first aid kit review // Range Medic. Don't go to the range without it!

Published on May 29, 2021
Have you ever wondered if you should carry a first aid kit to the range? Sure we are safety-minded working with firearms, but what if?

Although this is a longer video, I encourage you to watch this My Medic First Aid Kit review. This is the My Medic Range Medic Advanced kit, however, they have several other kits like the MyFak (ifak) kit that might work just as well for you although it is a little larger.

Of course, just having a kit is not enough, you still need training. I encourage everyone to take a basic first aid course. However, If you purchase an advanced kit from My Medic, you will get some training that you can watch to learn how to do some advanced life-saving first aid.

Use Code TRB20 for 20% off your order after you watch this My Medic Review.

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Video Index:
Intro - 0:00
Disclaimer - 0:36
Range Medic Advanced Overview - 1:30
Tourniquet - 1:59
Range Medic Advanced Main Pack Contents- 3:24
Contents have instructions - 5:47
Weatherproof packaging - 6:42
Standard vs Advanced - 7:17
Marker not included - 7:44
Advanced Bag Construction - 8:59
My thoughts on the Range Medic Advanced - 10:19
TRB20 - 11:37

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