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SAR K2 45 ACP 14+1 rounds

Published on May 22, 2020
SAR K2 45 - Sarsilmaz: The SAR K2 45's grips, while fat, have a fairly organic contour. A nice short SA pull, the K2 is equally at home in medium and larger hands, but the long double-action pull is less forgiving. While the grip is clearly a fat double stack, the width was well sculpted, promising to spread recoil across your whole hand. The trigger feels great. The recoil from the K2, I now call "Heavy Lady" and the recoil is light, very light, I would call it a push.

I called SAR-USA, their HQ is in Alburn, AL and SAR-USA is building a factory in West Georgia. SAR is no longer using EAA as its distributor.

My sights were dead-on and solid. The K2 is a big gun to begin with and what you see is what you get. No aftermarket options is about the only downside. The three-dot setup is well-executed in photo-luminescent paint, the front dot a hair larger than the rest. In daylight, they beat the SIG and were less stressful than the CZ’s tiny tower. Unfortunately, they’re all you get. No tritium, fiber optics, ghost-rings, big dots, trapezoids and no slide cut for a red dot. Hello, if anyone wants to customize the K2, there are NO AFTERMARKET OPTIONS except for eBay plastic grips.

The Heavy Lady's machining is A+, much better finished than the CZ97. But the K2 isn’t as tight as a CZ or Sig. The K2 is a duty gun. The K2 has no bushings, caps, or links to break. Unlike the CZ’s, the K2's guide rods are full-length and not made of plastic. The slide is low and squat, .15 inches shorter than the CZ97’s slide


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