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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - June 10, 2022

Published on Jun 16, 2022
Another impressive week for Second Amendment advocacy and activism
Daily Gun Show 1,320

Some folks are beating old drums (on both sides) but the messages are evolving away from blaming our property and towards more effective solutions to the real issues, and a focus on saving lives

Watching the 'raw footage' of the testimonials vs the commenter's "summarys" they present indicate their motives (views vs. solutions), but those have been the typical reaction (again, on both sides) time after time

The fighters on our side did well, in the face of challenges and disinterest, Lucretia Hughes and Amy Swearer offered inspirational and effective challenges to the tired old anti-rights / anti-gun owners narratives

Do not overlook their efforts this week, this is just a current indication of How & Why Individual Freedom is winning & our positions to defend it our evolving

At a time when they NEED to marginalize Gun Owners in order to distract from multiple epic failures of the current administration, their demands for our rights are falling on educated, enlightened and newly well armed minds

Lucretia Hughes Testifies at "The Urgent Need to Address the Gun Violence Epidemic"
@DC Project
680 subs

LIVE testimony on gun violence in House hearing

Called both Arizona Senators to Oppose H.R.7910 & H.R.2377 , it took approx 3.5 minutes

Suicide Prevention Saturday
@A Great Start Shooting School
185 subs

Never underestimate politicians' hunger for power
@Gabby Franco, OLY
7.04K subs

Amy Swearer - House Hearings on “Protecting Our Kids Act” 2022 Part 01 - “Gun Violence” * PITD
@Patriot In The Dark
1.96K subs

Episode 095 | Gun Control Strikes Back, Geeks + Gamers, NOC Train & Learn 2022
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
855 subs

New NY Law Allows Shooting Victim to Sue Glock // Legal Update
11.8K subs

The 2A4E Diversity Shoot can help your community !! The Shooting In the Woods Podcast Episode 157
@Shooting Gallery NE
1.68K subs

Armed Lifestyle Magazine Writing Shotgun With Charlie: Anthony Colandro
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.36K subs

The Fastest Growing Group Of Gun Owners Is...
@Gun Owners of America
106K subs

Do firearms need an end user agreement?
45.8K subs

The 2A4E Diversity Shoot can help your community !! The Shooting In the Woods Podcast Episode 157
@Shooting Gallery NE
1.67K subs

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #108: Un-Ringing The Bell
@Sandhills Media
2.05K subs

IDPA Mass State Championship - How to break down what my last practice will look like
@A Great Start Shooting School
184 subs

talking Expensive Antique Firearms with Rock Island Auction
12.3K subs

The Overnight #36: Self Defense with Children
@D.M. Faas
1.23K subs

Shooting Left of Center Podcast
358K subs

Radio Shows This Week:

Gun Owners Radio (Live)
@Gun Owners Radio
2.32K subs

6/5: 12 Year Old Robs Gas Station at Gunpoint
@Come And Talk It
164 subs

Eye on the Target Radio 6/5/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.08K subs

CS 77: Navy SEAL to Astronaut | CEO Medal of Honor Museum Foundation | Space Walker | Chris Cassidy
@Combat Story
65.4K subs

MARSOC's First Deployment, and Subsequent Persecution | Fred Galvin | Ep. 148
@The Team House
44.7K subs

2A on Instagram This Week - June 5, 2022

.22 lr Edition - Ask Gun Questions (pt. 22)

Listing Every 2A Activist's Online Shop - Daily Gun Show episode 1,316

Romanian MD63 "G Kit" Flashback with 2005 Shotgun News Ads

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