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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - March 31, 2023

Published on Apr 1, 2023
Daily Gun Show Episode 1,525

2A News of the week
California state only appealed 2 parts of the roster
didn’t appeal the microstamping stuff
companies can start adding their guns to the roster

Florida HB 543 passed the State Senate

Colorado “Assault Weapons” ban. It’s not “dead”

North Carolina eliminated "Purchase Permits"

3rd Anti-2A Member of Congress

91 to 33, the Kansas House today passed HB2412, sending it to the Senate

Minnesota Worth v. Harrington

(struck down a state restriction limiting handgun carry permits to those over age 21)

Oregun HB2005 Ghost gun bill and SB348 is the Measure 114 with more fee's and more restrictions

Missouri SB10 = Failed (anti-red flag)

What Does ChatGPT Say About the 2A?


Patreon Blog:


2A Talk

ATF’s Assault on the Second Amendment: When is Enough Enough?

The Mass Shooting Contagion

Suicide Prevention Saturday Special Interview - What drives someone to Suicide?

YouTuber Reno May on His Win Over California's Handgun Roster | Full Podcast

Rally to Defend the 2nd Amendment.

It Is Time To Get Serious About School Safety

The New CRAC-10 Uzi! Why Police Social Media People are the Fodder For Gun Guys

ATF Leaders Reprimanded by Congress over Pistol Brace Rule

Almost Nightly Firearms Expo #263 2A BOOK CLUB! 2Abookclub thebookoffiverings 2A

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast 138: Nebraska Permitless Carry Update

The Overnight 61: Pimpin' the Second Amendment

Riding Shotgun With An Amazing 2A Advocate

RSWC #168 Cam Edwards

Gun Talk

Behind the Scenes at the CMP North Store

Wednesday Night Mouse Party #48

Wednesday Night Live Chat 58 Getting Ready For Dead Zero

Shooting Left of Center Podcast!

Bollé Safety Joins Us & What's The Best Handgun? | The Armed Citizen Podcast LIVE 285

Opening our 100K Plaque

2A Radio Shows

Cape Gun Works LIVE - RapidFire Episode 122 - Season 05 - Episode 18

3/26/23: Texas High School Students Getting a License To Carry Handgun!

Eye on the Target Radio

Military Interviews

Our Food Industry is Dying | Mike Drop Clip - Episode 130

Ep. 200 free for all ridiculous episode

Navy SEAL & 160th Aviator (MH-47 Pilot) | 17 Combat Deployments | Mike Rutledge

GunWebsites & GearWebsites Projects this week:

FREE Patch Friday at

What Lies Ahead for Gun Shows in the US?.. With Cape GunWorks - What is the Future of Gun Shows



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