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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - Dec 17, 2021

Published on Dec 18, 2021
We focus on the best 2A content each week:

Silencer Central talks about NEW Digital ATF Forms & More | CloverTac Podcast
11.1K subs
- Great conversation, learned a lot about the company, & the effect your growth has had on the industry was very interesting.. also great to hear about the interactions with the ATF, etc

Episode 070 | Undermining the 2A Cause, Woke Brokeness, I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts, HALO Campaign
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
690 subs

RSWC #133 Jerah Hutchins
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.24K subs

GunFreedomRadio EP360 Freedom Isn’t Free with Eli Crane
461 subs

7.14K subs

Texas Bar Carry - 51% Locations Explained
@Armed Attorneys
30.3K subs

FACE VALIDITY FRIDAY with The Safety Doc | December 17, 2021
The Safety Doc
955 subs

Early Bird Chat #118
@Gizzard Gary
1.71K subs
= New 3D Gizzard Logo

Force Recon to Legacy FC Champion with Chad Robichaux | Mike Drop - Episode 80
Mike Ritland
112K subs

CS#54: Fighting ISIS in Syria | SDF & YPG | Freedom Fighter | Firat Batman [Part 1] | COMBAT STORY
Combat Story
52.2K subs

AKC Episode 006 | Q&A, 4K SUBS, Zastava, WBP Polish Rifles & More!
Kash EDC
3.97K subs

.256 Hawkeye, .22 Remington Jet, and XP100
@The Williams Family Museum
51 subs
3:17 .256 Hawkeye
6:10 .22 Remington Jet (.357 necked down to .22)
7:54 .22lr chamber inserts for the .22 Rem Jet
9:20 XP100 .221 Rem Fireball (Shortened .223 case)
10:54 Herter's Catalog

Robots in Movies, a LIVE conversation
@Gear Websites
22.2K subs

Patch Collecting 2.0
@Gear Websites
22.2K subs

Top 10 Gifts for 3D Printers Under $50 from Amazon

Top 10 Gifts for Gun Gun Owners from Amazon, that costs less than $50

Top 10 Gifts for Gun Gun Owners from Amazon, that costs More than $100

Gear Websites Store Outro for 2021

Best of the Best 2A in 2021 - Weekly 2A Wrap-up Yearly Wrap Up
Streamed live on Dec 15, 2021

The Story of EL Chopo
1.01K subs


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