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Rare Breed Triggers Needs Our Help With Their Court Battle With The ATF Semi-Automatic Firearms Ban

Published on Oct 19, 2021
Rare Breed Triggers Needs Our Help With Their Court Battle With The ATF Semi-Automatic Firearms Could Be Banned Under The NFA By The ATF If This Case Is Lost.

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Good Day Official,

The ATF is in a major court battle, with Rare Breed Triggers, and unfortunately The ATF are winning. The Second Amendment shall not be infringed. We the people ask that you aid rare breed triggers, with their fight against these ATF tyrants.

The ATF claims that this trigger turns the firearm, into a Fully Automatic Weapon or Machine Gun. It does not, this is a Semi-Automatic Trigger, meaning each pull of the trigger fires one round with each trigger pull.

The RBT is a forced reset system. When the trigger is pulled it forces the trigger immediately to reset, so it can be fired again, and follow up shots can be made extremely quickly. Though this trigger causes a short reset compared to other Semi-Automatic Triggers, all Semi-Automatic triggers do have a reset. If the ATF wins their case, whats to stop them from banning all Semi-Automatic Triggers and Firearms.

Rare Breed has been ordered to immediately stop production, provide the names and addresses of those who purchased the Rare Breed Trigger, causing a small but national gun registry, and confiscation of them. The ATF and the court is acting completely Unconstitutionally, and illegally. Please stop this tyranny and support Rare Breed and our Second Amendment Today. Several former ATF agents have said this trigger was completly legal.

Thank you for your time.

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