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100% Pure Tung Oil VS Tung Oil Finish: Does it Contain Actual Tung? + Differences From BLO and Tung

Published on Aug 9, 2021
As you know i have been using Real tung oil for a long time. Here i will ago over what the Difference is Between a "Finish" And pure Tung oil and the Benefits over Boiled Linseed Oil.
Tung oil finish is an oil/varnish blend... It is an in-the-wood finish and high gloss is not really an option with an oil/varnish blend. 65% mineral spirits 35% split between the linseed oil and the varnish of their choice. You can make your own by mixing equal amounts of BLO, MS, and varnish.
Tung Oil Finiish is just a name; the oil in it is linseed oil.


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