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Glock 43 Carry Review In Depth w Vedder Comfort Tuck IWB Hybrid Holster. Visual Weight, Fit, & Demo.

Published on Sep 2, 2021
Turn up the volume n this video Meet and Greet as we get to know the Glock 43 paired with the Vedder Comfort Tuck Holster. We take a look at how it fits on your person, we weigh the gun and holster together and separately, and talk about why this gun and holster are EXCELLENT. If you are viewing this video for research purposes, give this combination a few minutes of your time.

In this In Depth Meet and Greet we will show the Glock 43's size in contrast to my hand, the weight of the gun and holster unloaded. and then weighed with 6+1 rounds, and in the end there is a link to a quick print test video.

This video is intended solely for educational and research information purposes. These items are not for sale. I recommend visiting the manufacturers website at one of the links below for more information.

As you're researching a possible new carry rig choice or just gathering information, this video will hopefully demonstrate and answer some questions regarding this particular gun and particular holster (when used together). There are not many videos that cover both items in one video online so I made this quick down and dirty video In Depth Review to add more informational content online.

This video is about the Glock 43 subcompact 9mm:
This video is about the Vedder Comfort Tuck holster made for the Glock 43:
This video is about concealed carry equipment.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed!

TheTNPicker Meet and Greet Series

TheTNPicker is a not for profit firearms enthusiast. If you've made it this far, please take 6 minutes of your life and watch my music video I think you find it so stupid it's funny ?


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