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How To: Fix a Cracked AK SKS Etc Upper Handguard + 1949 Yugo 24/47 8MM Mauser Tung Oil Full Refinish

Published on May 23, 2021
How to Repair a Ak Mauser SKS / Upper Handguard. Shown During a refinish of a Beautiful Yugoslavian 1949 M24-47 8MM Mauser.

In 1925 the Serbs agreed to buy 100K FN made Mauser Mle. 1924 rifles. In the next two years, '26 and '27 the Serbs duplicated the FN production line and full production of the M1924 was underway on Oct 28, 1928.

The M1924 is a intermediate ring size and is basically a Model 1898 Mauser.

In 1946 the Serbs started to re-arsenal captured Wehrmacht 7.92 rifles. In 1947 they started to Re-arsenal their M1924's to produce the M24/47.
Stocks And Bolts are interchangeable Between the M48 And 24/47.


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