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Four AK Parts Kits Compared, Part 3 - Dust Cover, Rear Trunnion, Bolt Carrier / Gas Piston

Published on Sep 6, 2022
Looking at & Comparing four Kalashnikov Parts Kits

each episode we will look at three components of the kits

Part One = Muzzle Attachments, Front Sight Assembly, Gas Block
Part Two = Rear Sight Block, Gas Block, Recoil Spring Assembly
Part Three = Dust Cover, Rear Trunnion, Bolt Carrier / Gas Piston
Part Four = Bolts Compared, Hammer & Spring, Underfolding Stock
Part Five = Kalashnikov Stocks, 'Crutch Folder' Stock, Hand Grip
Part Six = Trigger Guard, Triggers & 922r, Front Trunnion
Part Seven = Lower Handguard, Upper Handguard, Gas Piston Tube, Cleaning Rod, Bayonet

Four AK Parts Kits Compared

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