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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - May 27, 2022

Published on Jun 1, 2022
Daily Gun Show - Season Two - Episode 1,310

This was another really good week

Started out with the Aiming for Zero shooting event, then the Mingle 2022 happened earlier in the week.

DC Project dropped their Third Video in a Series, very well done
Tony had another Diversity Shoot this week, then Clover & Tony each traveled to gun community events
The NRA Annual Meeting is this weekend, will Wayne get voted out?
- Protestors on scene
The ATF & Representatives continue to pursue infringements
The Gun Community deals with being persecuted after an atrocity

the Best 2A Content Each Week, listed in one place:

Our Kids Matter
@DC Project
443 subs

We're On Offense Now

Gun Control = Tragedy

Special Guest Mario Mosin - Suicide Prevention Saturday!!! Aiming for Zero Weekend
@A Great Start Shooting School
185 subs
- Brooke was able to pre-record the interview, then play it LIVE while streaming from the Aiming for Zero event
- Good conversation with Ghost Tactical in the comments

Aiming For Zero
– Veterans Suicide Shooting Competition

Are Mass Murders Gun Problems or Society Problems?
@ARMED and Feminine - Gun Channel
24.6K subs
- You made so many great point that people will be able to use, thank you for being a great guest on her show & ambassador for 2A protected rights. And thank you for sharing this here and other platforms

Cape Gun Works Live - Home of RapidFire
@Cape GunWorks
5.41K subs

How to get a gun in Massachusetts
- this is a really good video to illustrate the layers of infringement and the barriers that stand in the way in your situation, thank you for this one

Is the ATF Building a National Gun Registry?
@Washington Gun Law
43.2K subs

ATF Caught Red-Handed! Gun Owners of America Prooves ATF's Illegal Gun Registry Is Searchable
@Guns & Gadgets
482K subs

Uvalde Mass Shooting – Blame the Criminal, Not the Gun
@Armed Attorneys
55.4K subs
- great POV and presentation, posted appropriately, thank you for this information

Stephen Willeford
@John Crump Live
3.71K subs

2nd Amendment Conversation with Blue Collar Logic
12.2K subs

@Sandhills Media
2.05K subs

RSWC #146 Anne Mauro, Shotgun Coach, University of Maryland
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.35K subs

Gun-Control Groups Call On Protesters To "SHUT DOWN" NRA Convention
@Guns & Gadgets
482K subs

Wednesday Night Live Chat #19 Chris Chats With USPSA PCC Shooters Mike, Corey & Anthony
@Chris From The 740
1.13K subs

JSD Supply Under Attack
7.05K subs

The Bullet 5/20/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.06K subs
- IMO - if you are getting paid by 2AF, then the Mingle should be live streamed
- Let's hope the interviews are top notch
- Why is 2AF focus NOT on the new ATF rules? the war on FFLs? or the situation at NRA?

the Mingle 2022

WATCH LIVE: Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on nomination of ATF director, federal judges

Ask Gun Questions (pt. 21)
Experienced Gun Owners Answer Real Firearm Questions LIVE each Saturday night

Owl & Anchor Custom Graphics, 'Small Biz Tactics for 2022' - Daily Gun Show #1,306
@Daily Gun Show
1.07K subs

Kalashnikov Variation’ by Masami Tokoi - Book Introduction - at Auction now

Amazing LIVE Preview = Pot of Gold Auction LIVE


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