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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - May 20, 2022

Published on Jun 1, 2022
We feature the best stuff focused on 2A each week:

Episode 094 | Special Guest: John Crump
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
778 subs

Suicide Prevention Sat - What have you done for yourself lately?
@A Great Start Shooting School
183 subs

Allen West Explains Why He's Running Against Wayne LaPierre | Full Podcast
@The Reload
1.96K subs
- The best insight I have seen yet on the situation on NRA and Wets' reasons for throwing his hat in the ring

Cape Gun Works Live - Home of RapidFire
@Cape GunWorks
5.39K subs

Fudd Busters on ATF vs JSD
@John Crump Live
3.7K subs

Eye on the Target Radio 5/15/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.06K subs

Holly Sullivan Testifies at Jackson-Elias Domestic Violence Survivor Protection Act Hearing
@DC Project
425 subs
- Holly Sullivan, DC Project Advisory Board Member and Legislative Director, testified May 18, 2022 to protect our Second Amendment rights. She is educating legislators and spreading awareness regarding the unintended consequences of the Domestic Abuse Survivors Act.
This is her opening testimony.

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #106: 2A Life After "The Bug"
@Sandhills Media
2.04K subs

Chad Winkler LIVE for EP10 on MTP & RSWC
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.35K subs

Gun Owners Radio (Live)
@Gun Owners Radio
2.21K subs

How the ATF Will Enforce Their New Pistol Brace Rule
@Washington Gun Law
38.3K subs

@Virginia Citizens Defense League
6.13K subs
- VaCDL Logo Merch would be awesome for gifts, and they help spread the word on VaCDL.. people can always use a new patch for the range bag, cubicle at the office or door of the gun safe, Grab a bunch

Bullet Points. What Really Is Constitutional Carry?
@Washington Gun Law
39.1K subs

Under Biden: Rate of FFL Revocations UP 500%!!
@Guns & Gadgets
481K subs

Here It Is: Federal Firearms Licensing Act (Federal Gun Permits)

Medical Monday - Why Your Cool Guy Colors Suck
@James Yeager

Demonstrating Full Auto M16's
190K subs

Wednesday Night Live Chat #18 Must Have Tools For Gun Owners & Builders
@Chris From The 740
1.11K subs

223/556, Redding T7, Competition Shell holders Live!
182 subs

"Star Trek: Strange New Worlds": World War 3 and the death of millions starts with vote fraud claims
@John Lott
1.95K subs

Rau Wildcat 22 Rifle
36.9K subs

BAM We Have Action: Burpless Heirloom Cucumbers!!!
@Black Guns and Gardens
38 subs

The 1,000-ing of the The Williams Family Museum = Success !!

New 1,000-ing Playlist

Wednsday Night Mouse Party #8
@D.M. Faas
1.23K subs

CS#74: Special Forces | Green Beret | Ranger | Sniper | MOH Museum Foundation | Darrell Utt
@Combat Story
64.3K subs

Black Ops: The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior | Ric Prado | Ep. 145
@The Team House
42.6K subs

From Force Recon to Standing Up MARSOC | Peter Perry | Ep. 146

USA Map for State 2A orgs - Maps of 2A (Season 2)

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Video Drone Flying Explained, 4th Flight of our Robot Air Force

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