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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - Oct 7, 2022

Published on Oct 9, 2022
Daily Gun Show #1,405

- Victory in New York, temporary restraining order granted GOA
- customers can no longer ship a firearm they legally own to FFL directly for repair and direct back to them via UPS
- Oregon Measure 114
- PA Rally = 300 people attended
- GRPC ~ 150 / 200 attended
~ 75 -30 LIVE viewers on You Tube
- AmmCon ~ 30 attended
~ 10 - 20 LIVE viewers on YouTube
- Every2ndMatters
- Red Oktober = Pro Gun Vegas on Oct 22-23
- October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


2A News

We Answer Your Gun Questions | Full Podcast
@The Reload
2.48K subs

Special Edition Suicide Prevention Saturday with Jake form WTTA
@A Great Start Shooting School
217 subs

The Standard Model of Explaining the Irrationality of Defensive Gun Ownership (Light Over Heat #41)
@Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane
1.52K subs

Episode 107 | ATF Takes an L, Escalation in Europe
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
1.28K subs

Medical Monday - The Root Word of Mental Health Is Health
@James Yeager
149K subs

Guns Aren’t a Public Health Issue
797K subs

How To Register for SHOT Show as Media for NEW Creators
@GunTuber Academy
143 subs

The Shooting in The Woods Podcast Episode 168 Featuring Tony Mutha EFFIN Simon
@Shooting Gallery NE
1.92K subs

@King Pin
1.23K subs

PT 1911 every2ndmatters
@R-TAC & Daughter's
1.73K subs

The Overnight #44: The Declaration Of Independence/ The Preamble
@D.M. Faas
1.28K subs

Are you prepared for the changing tactics of the Anti-Guners?
@The Rogue Banshee
9.1K subs

Gun Rights Policy Conference Day 1 pt 2
@Second Amendment Foundation
4.54K subs

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2022
@Second Amendment Foundation
4.54K subs

Gun News

Iraq Veteran 8888 Range Day
@Wheeled and Well Armed
2.22K subs

"Taking the Fear out of Firearms" | Pull the Trigger Podcast
@Pull the Trigger Podcast
88 subs

Sisters In Arms
How To Fly With Guns! Featuring Deviant Ollam
@The Liberal Gun Club
2.38K subs

The Bren Ten, Luger, Tokarev, Custom 1911s & More! Ken Hackathorn's Favorite Pistols. Gun Guys Ep58
@Wilson Combat
332K subs

Glock Made an AR15 Rifle
1.14K subs

Shorty's 2022 Vacation (2)
@Mike White
64 subs

Another Italian episode of This Old Gun with a Beretta 92 and RussellDoel at CapeGun Works
@Cape GunWorks
5.77K subs

GUNTOBER Day 1 - Congratulations Joe Cuomo Jr!
@Gun For Hire Range
65K subs

2A Radio Shows

Infantry Marine Turned Investigative Journalist | James LaPorta | Ep. 166
@The Team House
53.3K subs

Military Interviews

Infantry Marine Turned Investigative Journalist | James LaPorta | Ep. 166
@The Team House
53.3K subs

Gun Websites this week

Fame Seekers - and the 2nd Amendment = Media Coverage of Mass Killers

Massachusetts Gun Laws w/ @CapeGunWorks

M-13 Industries - custom gunsmith shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Value your Voice as a 2A Activist = AmmCon 2022 Presentation

Colt (Glock), polymer Pocket 1911 in .380-acp

16th annual December Gun & Militaria auction

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