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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - Sept 30, 2022

Published on Oct 9, 2022
Daily Gun Show episode 1,400

GRPC & AmmCon were prepped for this week
I wish I could say better things

- HR 8882 - assault Weapons License
- Ghost Gun Ban not constitutional

2A News

Suicide Prevention Saturday - What do you want to ask Jake?
@A Great Start Shooting School
215 subs

Episode 106 | 2A Wins Post-Bruen, Biden's Global Tax, The Politics of Hate
@Locked & Loaded Latinos
1.28K subs

GMU's Robert Leider on a Federal Judge Striking Down the Felony Indictment Gun Ban | Full Podcast
@The Reload
2.48K subs

RSWC #155 Chris Cheng
@Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.44K subs

Are the Media Making Mass Shootings Worse?
796K subs

The Overnight #43:
@D.M. Faas
1.28K subs

In Search of the Elusive Liberal Gun Owner in Deep Red Central Texas (Light Over Heat #40)
@Light Over Heat with Professor David Yamane
1.51K subs

Ohio Knife Preemption In Effect! Federal "Assault Weapon" License? USPS SPIED on protesters!
@MK Outdoor Journal
12.2K subs

TV Show on Guns: FBI agent dismissing defensive gun use, "So much for a good guy with a gun"
@John Lott
2.02K subs

More Media Misinformation: Machine guns used by criminals and arms smuggling from the United States

Almost Nightly Firearms Expo 194 2A BOOK CLUB!
@Guns N BBQ
1.38K subs

1 Million Moms Against Gun Control with Rebecca Schmoe
13.3K subs

No Other Choice with Kevin Dixie

How to get a gun in Massachusetts

Amm-Con 2022 Pt 1 of 3

Amm-Con 2022 Pt 2 of 3

Gun News

15-22 Smith & Wesson 22 long rifle
@Echo's Reloading Chamber
693 subs

2A kids games
@King Pin
1.23K subs

Gun range tips to improve your target practice
@She Fires
1.64K subs

I Shot a Steel Challenge Match | And Broke the Rules
@Armed and Styled
38.1K subs

2A Radio Shows

Cape Gun Works on Grace Curley Show
@Cape GunWorks
5.76K subs

9/25: RINO Senator Turns Back on Gun Shop Owners
@Come And Talk It
213 subs

Eye on the Target Radio 9/25/2022
@Polite Society Podcast
2.17K subs

Our stuff this week

Value your Voice as a 2A Activist = AmmCon 2022 Presentation

Massachusetts Gun Laws w/ @CapeGunWorks

Welcome to FreeCAD

Colorizing old B&W Photos with Robot AI - Lets do this LIVE, what could go wrong ?

Ninja Glock - the original video, you found it from 2009


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